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Painting: “Sand Harbor” by Darice Machel 

If you’ve been keeping up with our posts you probably have seen the name “Darice Machel” all over our Twitters and Facebooks and what-have-yous. Darice is one heck of an artist and a great supporter of Genie Canvas. Lucky for us, she is also a great interviewee. Here are the answers to our (and your!) questions for Darice, and her most recent painting on a Genie Canvas entitled “Sand Harbor” :

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Northern California. I spent most of my life on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe in a town called Kings Beach. In 2002 I moved to Chico California and in 2012 I moved to Maui.

How did you start making art?

I began creating art in my early teens. My parents owned an art gallery in Kings Beach, Lakeside Gallery. The gallery also had a frame shop, art supply store and a large classroom. My mom was my first fine art oil painting teacher. I also took advantage of the many visiting art teachers that taught workshops through the gallery. I spent a great deal of my time at the gallery working and learning all the aspects of its operation. Including framing, selling art supplies, selling fine art, managing the marketing and advertising, scheduling workshops, teaching oil painting and putting on events. Art is in my family and my blood.

What form of art do you work most with and why?

I’m mostly a fine art oil and acrylic Landscape painter. My miniatures and small works are mostly done in acrylic. My large scale paintings I do in oil. I love painting landscapes because I’m so in love with nature. I guess that comes from being raised in one of the worlds most beautiful places. I enjoy sharing that love with others.

What inspired this painting? 

This painting is one of two Tahoe paintings I was commissioned to paint. After going through many photographs of various Tahoe scenes, my client chose Sand Harbor for the first painting. I added snow to the background mountains, giving the scene the look of spring and also because my client loves to ski. The sail boat represents summertime fun on the crystal blue waters of the lake.

“Sand Harbor” is a popular beach park on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe. I spent many happy summers with my kids, family and friends on that beach. Painting this scene brought back those happy memories.


What is your process for choosing to paint it? 

Part of the process in choosing this scene was going through 100s of reference photos and picking out just 10 to present to my client. After emailing back and fourth we settled on this scene, but with the added details mentioned above.


What was your painting process like?

The client wanted an oil painting.  I began by sketching in the scene, indicating where the mountain ridge, water line and boulders were going to be. I then started with the sky and background mountains. With landscapes, I want as much info as I can get into the background before I move on to the foreground. I also decided to paint a yellow underpainting for the shallow area of the water. I also painted in the rocks and boulders that would be covered by water later. I choose to glaze in the water over the rocks and sand to give the appearance of transparency. Tahoe is known for it’s clear clean waters. I wanted to make sure I portrayed that in my painting.


What was your experience like using a Genie Canvas? 

This is my first painting on a Genie Canvas and I must say it won’t be my last. I usually stretch my own canvases because I can control the quality of them better then buying ready made ones. I like a nice tight stretch that makes a drum sound when tapping on the center. This Genie Canvas was the easiest canvas I ever put together and it had that perfect tightness I like. The best part is I didn’t kill my wrists and hands from having to grip and stretch the canvas, which aloud me to start painting right away.


How has it helped you? 

Shipping large paintings from Maui to anywhere is super expensive and the cost can kill a sell in a heart beat. When I first heard about Genie Canvas I became very excited about the shipping costs. I watched all the videos provided on their website and was very impressed with the whole process. I knew at once that these canvases could be the answer to my problem of the high cost of shipping. All I needed to do was order one and give it a try.  I choose the 24×48 canvas size with no idea of what I was going to paint. When my canvas arrived I couldn’t wait to see if it was really as simple to put together as the videos showed. The packaging it’s self was very impressive. I read through the instructions and watched one of the videos again before I attempted to put it together. I think it took me less then five minutes and the results was better then expected. As I mentioned above, I’m picky about my canvases. The canvas sat around my studio for weeks while I tried to come up with a subject to paint. I ended up putting it away ( rolling it back up into the tube ) for a few months. When my client ( from Florida ) commissioned me to paint a large Tahoe scene I told them about this new canvas. Because I’m able to save them a lot of money on shipping, they decided to do two paintings.

How did you hear about us?

I heard about Genie Canvas from an art forum on Fine Art America. One of the artists, Marlene Burns opened a discussion regarding them. Her biggest selling point for them was the shipping cost for large paintings. I checked out the website link she provided and the rest is history.

We’ve recently received some feedback from one of our painters, the wonderful Marlene Burns (at ), and her most recent experience with using Genie Canvas to ship her painting.  Here is what Marlene said via email once agreed to the painting and her customer’s initial hesitation:


Marlee reassured her client that GenieCanvas was easy to assemble and sent over a link to the videos on our site. Immediately after she received a reply:



We are THRILLED that we could be a part of this exchange. Saving time and money and giving a little healing in the process!


Great new article about us in the Artistic Blog!  Check it out HERE

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Over time we’ve heard a lot from all of you about how we can make Genie Canvas even better.  Among your feedback were comments from one of our retail outlets about allowing for the canvas to be re-stretched if necessary at a patron’s request.  We’ve addressed this by wrapping the canvas around the stretchers further, which does 2 things – first, it leaves extra canvas to allow for later hand stretching of the canvas on traditional bars if desired.  Second, it makes for a cleaner look by transferring the staples from the back of the canvas to the inside.  Now, all you see is clean, white canvas on the back of the stretcher bars.   In additon to the new wrapped bars, we have improved the corner folding to make it easier and reduce duplication of fabric to give a cleaner, tighter finished look.CORNER_NEW2 CORNER_NEWTOP CORNER_NEW

I have been toying with the idea of canvas prints framed up on my Collapsible Genie Canvas.  It is an ideal venue for the collapsible canvas system, saving huge amounts on shipping.  Both Photographers and Artists can enjoy the ability to ship huge pieces for a small fraction of crated/stretched shipping fees.  I am eager to hear what people think about this idea.  Please post away and let me know what you think, are worried about or how you might benefit from the idea.  You can see one in action in the new video with 6 year old twins putting one together on the front of my site.  All feedback is appreciated!

Latham-Rebecca-Rembrandt-catHere’s a great article I found by Alyson B. Stanfield with advice on making your personal Artist site more personal.

How to make your site more engaging for patrons.

My original mission when I started Genie Canvas was to make shipping large artwork affordable. While perfecting the design and spreading the word about my collapsible canvases, I have discovered its novelty goes far beyond savings on shipping. Many artists appreciate the safer and easier storage. Many use it for plein-air painting or other painting on location such as for lessons. It is also gaining appeal for transportation to shows and exhibits. The superior strength of the stretcher bars makes for an all-around more durable canvas.
These additional benefits make Genie Canvas valuable in smaller sizes than strictly those which make shipping expenses soar. This realization has caused me to reconsider smaller sizes. SO now, I will be offering 24 inch wide canvases up to 72 inches in length. The 24×60 and 24×72 sizes make a dramatic statement as a long rectangle. They work extremely well over a couch or bed, as well as alongside a doorway. The long aspect ratio also lends itself to compositions which were awkward on more square canvases, and have a unique look which doesn’t work as well with triptychs.
We are excited to offer these new “junior” sizes. We hope you will enjoy the new possibilities of these smaller and unusual sizes. Please keep your input coming on sizes and features you would like to see, we appreciate all your comments.  Let us know how else you use your Genie Canvas!

Patty Baker Painting 'Floral Fiesta'

36″ x 72″ acrylic on a Genie Canvas
While in progress ~ currently SOLD


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